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What can I do to loss weight?

(1) Expect for a small groups of people who are obese due to diseases, they must to be treated for the cause. The tips to lose weight for most of obese patients are: nutritional balance, appropriate amount of calories, regular diet (3-5 meals per day), plus regular exercise (once every two days in general, over 50 mins every time, 120-160 heartbeats per-mins)

(2) To pursue the healthier ego, to be aware of your own responsibilities, to find out the obstacles of weight-control and learning how to overcome the barriers.

(3) Lose weight by adjust your lifestyle (decrease the calories in-take, increase the exercise). Most people can reduce 5-10% of original weight in 3-6 months. There will be significant improvement in conditions such as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, with improvement in the quality of healthy life.



Weight loss vs Liposuction, which one is faster and safer?

Weight loss and liposuction are two different treatment! Weight loss is to help you to improve the metabolism of unnecessary fat over body, especially of visceral fat. Liposuction can help you to reduce subcutaneous fat, sculpt body shape significantly. The two treatments can be matched to each other to shape a better body curve.


🔺Weight loss treatment for 6 months > lost 60.7 kg

Is the method of weight loss oral medication?

Yes. But there’s not entirely medicine in our prescription but also including other health products and vitamins, amino acids, etc.

Do I need to buy some other kinds of weight loss sustenances or nutritional supplements?

As long as keep in balanced diet, most people don’t need to ingest other supplements. Our prescription also including nutritional supplements like vitamin, amino acid, etc.


🔺Weight loss treatment for 9 months > lost 20.1 kg

Until when can I stop in-take those medicine?

Depends on patients’ demands. At the first consultation, the doctor will recommend a target body fat weight based on personal conditions.

I have lost a lot of weight, can I stop the medication?

It will be better to consult your doctor first if you want to stop the medication. The doctor will tell you how to avoid regaining weight, as well as the right attitude to face body weight.


🔺Weight loss treatment for 5 months > lost 26.2 kg

How to maintain the figure after the treatment is over? Would I regaining weight right after I stop my medication?

“Regaining” is an issue that everyone is concerned about. But we would like to emphasize that there’s no certain way could never regain weight after stop the treatment for a period of time. You can choose one of ways list below to maintaining your fitness.

(1)Diet management: If the weight is more likely to increase, eat less carbohydrates; if you care more about body size, eat less fat.

(2) Exercising: Do some exercise to rise the BMR.

(3) Medication: When you can’t carry out both of methods above, please remember to bring a cure for guilty meal. If you regain 2 to 5 kilograms but still don’t want to rely on medicines, you will need to diet and exercise at the same time.

Do we have a treatment for child obesity?

Children under ages of 18 will need accompanied by their parents or guardians to consult the doctor.


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