Five Characteristics of Aging

Aging is an inevitable part of a person’s life. Can we detect or prevent its elusive properties in advance? Do you know the common characteristics of aging? From the common definitions in the scientific literature on aging, here are five characteristics of aging:

  1. Structural damage (ex: degenerative joints, sarcopenia)
  2. Functional decline (ex: dementia, muscular joint stiffness, Parkinson’s disease)
  3. Functional exhaustion (ex: kidney failure, heart failure)
  4. Changes in appearance(ex: wrinkles, gray hair)
  5. Increased likelihood of death(ex: myocardial infarction, stroke)

(reference:Maël Lemoine Biology & Philosophy 35 (5), 46, 2020)


Retardation of aging
Anti-Aging Medicine

“Aging” can cause many diseases. “With the aging of the population, modern people’s smoking and drinking, work pressure, refined diet, irregular work and rest, and being disturbed by civilised diseases, the concept of “anti-ageing” is gradually being taken seriously, and “anti-ageing medicine” is even emerging in the 21st century, with the most important goal being how to make the body healthy and prolong life before it enters into ageing.

The most important goal is how to enable the body to take advantage of the anti-aging opportunities before it enters the aging process, so as to achieve the purpose of health and life extension, and to have a more youthful and energetic life.


Anti-aging treatment
Taking care of all aspects of health

In the future, the trend of medicine is to “treat the disease before it occurs”, to prevent diseases before they occur, and to take care of good health. Anti-ageing treatments not only maintain external youthfulness, but also actively prevent diseases and enhance health and vitality.

We are dedicated to creating tailor-made anti-ageing treatments for individuals to prevent ageing and create a disease-free body, so that we can take care of all aspects of your health, maintain a healthy body and mind, and let the beauty of your appearance appear naturally, so that you can enjoy a high quality of life.



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