There may be many sisters who have similar experiences…

Because of sudden bowel problems such as anal bleeding/pain or foreign body sensation, etc. At first I didn’t know which doctor to see. Second, even if you find “colon/rectal/anal department” with great difficulty, there may not be female doctors to choose from.

Even these outpatient clinics are almost all in outpatient clinics of large hospitals, and it is very difficult to register.

Even when the appointment time was finally reached, most of the symptoms disappeared without a trace or had been relieved… Even in the outpatient clinic, after various examinations, the doctor just said: “It’s just hemorrhoids, it’s not serious, take medicine first, wait If it is serious, consider surgery…”

At first I thought I was making a fuss, but when I finally mustered up the courage to face the unspeakable private parts, I was actually a little hurt…

“Isn’t my problem serious?”
“Is it necessary to wait until it is very serious before we can deal with it?”
“In addition to diet/defecation habits/living habits/medicine, can’t hemorrhoids be actively prevented early to prevent deterioration?”
“Is there a more aggressive approach to hemorrhoid care?”

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